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So you have problems. Don't we all.

We can fix your website problems, quickly, cost-effectively - assist with Google rankings, ensure your website responds correctly on mobiles and improve the styling. No job too small - we want to help the small businesses and individuals maximise their online business generation.

Click the below tabs to see details of common website problems.

Then click SAVE OUR SITE to send us a message, or e-mail us. If you can make it to central London, you can buy us a beer and we can discuss your website face to face.

The User Experience

Is your website difficult to navigate?

Is your website slow to load?

Do you have broken links?

Is it difficult to read the text? Don't forget some customers will be visually impaired.

Do you have complex, horrid forms that need simplifying? Think about your customer and their experience.


Is your website incompatible on mobile? Around 50% of customers will come to your site by mobile.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you no longer showing up in search results? Google will penalise you for poor content, keyword-stuffing and a whole host of other activities - and updates its algorithms regularly.

Is your site optimised for Google searches?

Do you utilise pop-ups on your site? Google will soon penalise you for doing so.

Is your website simply not driving as much business as you would expect?

Structure & Content

Do you want to be able to update certain sections of your website easily yourself? Without the possibility of breaking anything!

Is the content all over the place?

Is important information for potential customers hidden?

Is there too much clutter on your site? Attention spans are dwindling.

Does your site lack customer focus?

Do you need content generating, or even re-writing? We work with 2 professional content writers.


Do you have ugly fonts?

Is the colour scheme horrid?

Maybe you just want a new, more modern style.

Do you need professional photography for your website? We work with 3 professional photographers.

Web Developer

Does your web developer forever say he'll fix it but never get back to you?

Is your web developer ripping you off for doing very little?

Has your web developer disappeared into thin air?

Does your web developer not understand what your business is?

Do you get a poor service from your web developer?